Pair Your Physical Therapy with Chiropractic Care

Sustaining serious injuries in an accident can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. If the injuries from an accident are serious enough, you may have to seek help from a Carlsbad chiropractor in conjunction with the physical therapy you are receiving. There are a variety of massage methods professionals can use to speed up your recovery and reduce the discomfort being experienced. Below are some of the massage techniques a Vista chiropractor may use when treating a patient who is recovering from a serious injury.

The Myofascial Release

The Myofascial Release is a manual massage technique used to stretch the fascia and help to release the bond between this tissue and other parts of the body. By removing the restrictions this damaged tissue can cause, the professionals performing the chiropractic services will be able to help muscles move freely and efficiently.

This type of massage utilizes the power of tension and skin rolling to get the results you need. The Myofascial Release is used by chiropractors, sports medicine professionals and physical therapists to treat a wide variety of ailments.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Some chiropractic services will use Neuromuscular therapy to help with things like pain relief. Before utilizing this type of therapy, professionals will perform an initial postural assessment to figure out whether or not this type of therapy is needed. If there are posture issues causing a patient discomfort, massage therapists will use a systematic approach to directly target the problem areas. If the injuries you have sustained are from a car wreck then this type of therapy may be used.

The Power of Reflexology

For years, Reflexology has been used to treat a variety of ailments. This type of massage technique focuses on the patient’s feet. The basic idea of this massage discipline is each spot on the sole of your foot corresponds to a different internal organ. By finding the right spot to massage on your foot, a therapist will be able to help with your pain levels. During this therapy, your feet will be soaked for about ten minutes and then covered with medicated cream. Generally, the massage therapist will use their knuckles in order to provide the right amount of pressure to the area they are working. Many massage therapists believe hard spots in the soles of the foot indicate internal issues with a person’s body. When seeking out a more holistic approach to treat your injuries and health issues, Reflexology may be the right option.

Swedish Massage

When dealing with injuries to your back, Swedish massage may be the best treatment option. This deep tissue massage helps to increase circulation, which will usually result in a great deal of pain relief. The massage professional uses both pressure and long strokes to help you get the relief needed.

Getting the right results from a therapeutic massage is easy with the right professionals. Be sure to contact us to find out more about the gentle chiropractic care we can offer.