Class 4 Laser Vista

Class 4 Laser Therapy; Drug Free, Surgery Free, Pain Free

What is Class 4 Laser Therapy?

Helping to reduce a patient’s pain, inflammation and even enhance tissue healing, laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive procedure that promotes healing of damaged or dysfunctional tissue. Using K-Laser’s innovative state-of-the-art laser technology, laser therapy synchronizes high power dual wavelength infrared lasers in a single beam. The lasers’ combined power is able to reach deeper into a patient’s tissue, expanding therapeutic effects to provide:

  • Reduction of sports injury related rehabilitation times
  • Effective pain relief
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility
  • Reduction of muscle spasms and cramps

The Positive Effect of Laser Light on Tissue

Laser light’s positive effect on tissue is unique to laser therapy, and no other physical therapy method can duplicate those effects. Benefits of laser therapy are extensive with research showing that lasers can promote tissue remodeling, neurological recovery and improved function, improved quality of life for patients with chronic pain, improved flexibility, faster wound healing, and faster bone deposition in a fracture.

The reason laser therapy is able to help heal your body is thanks to the laser’s stimulation of electron chain transport mechanisms in the mitochondria, cell membranes and epithelial tissues. This action results in the release of vasodilating chemicals, the stimulation of DNA and RNA synthesis, an increase in enzyme production, an increase of superoxide dismutase activity, normalization of tissue pH, and increased ATP production. The increase of vasodilation and improved microcirculation will increase the supply of cellular nutrition promoting tissue repair and tissue remodeling.

Laser therapy has also been seen to significantly reduce a patient’s edema and has shown to help with the reduction of lymph node congestion, lymphedema, and swelling of limbs. Studies show that through the use of lasers, patients are seeing pain relief thanks to the technology’s photobiomodulation. Laser therapy is an ever evolving non-invasive healing method and as research continues to be conducted, new uses for the technology are found every day!

Class 4 K-Laser is the next generation of Laser Therapy!


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